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At dL Confectionery Store, we’re delighted to welcome you. We offer high-quality confectionery and chocolate products for both wholesale and retail clients – including a wide range of confectionery suitable for special occasions or just rewarding yourself. Our passion lies in selecting delicious yet distinctive confectionery & chocolate products.

Each business has unique needs and requirements; that is why we provide tailored wholesale options specifically for every individual customer’s requirements – such as bulk chocolate bars, gift boxes and chocolates – we ensure that we deliver orders promptly with great care.

Retail and wholesale confectionery sales are available through our online store, where we stock an assortment of sweet treats suitable for birthdays, anniversaries and any occasion requiring sweet indulgences. All products contain only top-quality ingredients to deliver delicious sweetness.

Our goal is to give our customers the very best experience. As everyone has different preferences and tastes, we provide a selection of products – be it traditional candy offerings or indulgent candies. Customers appreciate our high-quality products and exceptional customer service; affordable pricing rounds out an unforgettable shopping experience at our store – which has become a favorite spot among chocolate and candy enthusiasts.

Visit our online store to explore more of our delectable treats.

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Our chocolate bars range from smooth milk chocolate to the intense deepness of dark chocolate.  Find all your old favourites or try something new from dL Confectionery today.


With classic hard candies that melt in your mouth to super tangy gummies that tickle your taste buds, our candies selection offers something sweet for every candy enthusiast to indulge with their sweet tooth.

Choc Liquorice

dL Confectionery’s chocolate liquorice is a special and delightful treat, combining two beloved flavours into one irresistibly flavourful treat: rich and silky chocolate combined with the bold yet distinctive taste of liquorice.

Choc Nuts

Starting with only premium nuts such as crunchy almonds, creamy cashews, and hearty peanuts – we layer these delicious treats in layers of milk, dark, or white chocolate to produce a mouthwatering treat that is irresistibly delectable.

Choc Snacky

Our Choc Snacky category has a wide selection from rocky road, to toffee, bars and fruit and nut. So whether you’re looking for a quick snack to satisfy your cravings or something to indulge in, this category has a little something for you.


With classic black liquorice’s deep flavour, as well as fruity red and rainbow options that bring color and vibrancy into our selection. dL Confectionery’s liquorice selection celebrates this classic treat so get your hands on some today.

Rocky Road

Our Rocky Road is proof that our care goes into creating top-quality treats – made with fluffy marshmallows, crunchy nuts, and rich chocolate that blend together like magic for an irresistibly tasty bite of Rocky Road goodness!

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