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Become a Stockist or Reward your Customers

No matter what sort of small business you run, offering a range of confectionery can increase your sales and profits. Our stockists include florists, newsagencies, pharmacies, lolly shops, grocery stores, petrol stations, convenience stores and holiday parks.

Alternatively if you are a business like a professional services firm, car dealership or real estate agent looking to thank your customers our range of gift hampers can bring a smile to your customers.

As a Stockist we offer you a range of benefits including online ordering, orders in units not outers to minimise stock holdings, no minimum order quantity and freight-free fortnightly delivery (though this may depend on sales volumes) and our personal service.

We are passionate about customer service, source from Australian suppliers and continually look to add new products to our range and provide variety and quality in all things confectionery.

If you would like to enquire about becoming a stockist or offering gift hampers to your customers just contact us.



At dL Confectionery, we’re really proud of our partnership with florists. We provide them with top-notch candies and chocolates that are made in Australia. These treats are a perfect match for the beautiful flower arrangements they create. We both share a strong commitment to doing things really well.

But what makes us stand out is our promise of exclusivity. Our candies and chocolates aren’t sold at other florists in the area so our florist partners can offer something special to their customers. We’re honored to be the confectionery partner of choice for florists who care about quality, uniqueness, and making special moments for their clients


dL Confectionery is delighted to work with newsagencies and share our Australian-made candies and chocolates.

What sets us apart is that our candies don’t compete against one another; so our newsagency friends can offer their customers something truly exclusive.

When newsagencies trust dL Confectionery with providing top-quality sweets, they’re selecting excellence by giving their communities something truly delicious; that’s our mission – make people happy through delicious treats!




dL Confectionery is proud to provide Australian pharmacies with premium candies and chocolates, exclusive to them alone. What sets us apart is our refusal to supply other stores who compete directly with pharmacies for sales of our candy and chocolate.

Pharmacies now have access to an exclusive selection of top-quality sweets that not only delight their customers but also keep them coming back.

dL Confectionery is an ideal partner for pharmacies that want to stand out from their competition by offering delicious candies and chocolates that stand out. At its core, providing customers with excellent treats and services remains at its heart.

Lolly Shops

dL Confectionery is pleased to offer Australian lolly shops candies and chocolates manufactured right here at home. What sets us apart is our refusal to sell them elsewhere locally.

Lolly shops now have access to an assortment of sweets that will not only delight their customers, but keep them coming back! dL Confectionery is the go-to source for those wanting to create unique candies and chocolates while standing out from competitors – it’s all about providing customers with exceptional treats and services!


Grocery Stores


dL Confectionery is delighted to provide Australian-made candy and chocolate confections of superior quality with grocery stores for them to add even more sweets to their selection of sweet treats.

What sets us apart is that we do not sell our candies and chocolates to other competing grocery stores, meaning grocery stores can have access to exclusive candies and chocolates not found elsewhere, helping them stand out in busy markets.

dL Confectionery strives to offer its shoppers an unforgettable experience through delicious candies and chocolates, making every purchase an irresistibly sweet delight! Let dL Confectionery bring sweet moments into everyone’s day!

Petrol Stations

dL Confectionery is really happy to give petrol stations in Australia our top-notch candies and chocolates. This makes their convenience stores even better with sweet treats.

What makes us special is that we don’t sell our candies and chocolates to other petrol stations in your area. This means petrol stations can have special candies and chocolates that no one else has. This helps them stand out in a busy market.

dL Confectionery is all about giving customers the best treats, and we want to be the first choice for petrol stations that want to provide excellent and delightful candies and chocolates without any compromises.


Convenience Stores


dL Confectionery takes great pleasure in working with convenience stores. Our top-quality candy and chocolate from Australia brings even greater success to their stores.

What sets us apart is the fact that we don’t distribute our candies and chocolates to other competing convenience stores in your area meaning your store can stock special treats no one else has, helping them stand out in the market as unique locations.

dL Confectionery’s mission is to offer customers delicious candies and chocolates they’ll adore, and we aim to become the go-to choice for convenience stores looking for superior confections! Our goal is to bring joy into people’s lives!

Holiday Parks

dL Confectionery is proud to partner with holiday parks, providing our delicious Australian-made candies and chocolates that make their stay even more special.

What sets us apart is that we do not sell our candies and chocolates to other competing holiday parks. This allows them to offer their guests special treats they won’t find elsewhere – making their stay truly memorable with tasty delights!

dL Confectionery is the go-to destination for holiday parks that want to provide their guests with an exceptional candy experience. Our premium candies and chocolates make unforgettable moments at their holiday park visits possible.


Car Dealerships


dL Confectionery is thrilled to partner with car dealerships and provide them with our delicious candies and chocolates, beautifully presented in gift hampers. What sets us apart is our promise not to sell these goodies to other dealerships.

Car dealerships can use our treats from dL Confectionery to offer unique gifts to their customers and create special moments without sharing with other businesses.

dL Confectionery makes an excellent choice for dealerships looking for special moments and delicious sweets without sharing them.

Professional Services

dL Confectionery takes great pride in helping professional service businesses make their clients happy by creating beautiful gift hampers of premium Australian-made candies and chocolates from dL Confectionery that strengthen client relationships.

What separates us is our exclusive distribution model – meaning professional service firms can give their clients gifts that no other professional services business offers! By ordering treats from dL Confectionery exclusively, these professional firms can give memorable corporate gifts that won’t become just another run-of-the-mill giveaway.

Our gifts make their clients feel extra special. We make the ideal partner for businesses that strive to create exclusive corporate gifting programs!

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