Chocolate Snacky

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Dannys Dark Chocolate Mint Sticks 180g
Dannys Dark Chocolate Mint Thins 140g
Darrell Lea Caramel Clouds 160g
Darrell Lea Caramel Kisses 160g
Darrell Lea Caramels Snows 165g
Darrell Lea Cool Dark & Handsome 160g
Darrell Lea Ginger Ninjas 160g
Darrell Lea Liquorice Allsorts 270g
Darrell Lea Mega Minty Moments 185g
Darrell Lea Milk The Big Orange 185g
Darrell Lea Noisy Nutty Brittle 160g
Darrell Lea Strawberry Sensations 160g
dL Confectionery Chocolate Eclairs 150g
dL Confectionery Chocolate Mates 150g
dL Confectionery Chocolate Stones 150g
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