Online Instructions

Online Instructions


The following is a brief overview of our website and a basic ‘how to’ to navigate the site and to detail some of its features. Some of the major features are summarised as follows:

  • The site has been separated into two sections, Wholesale and Retail. Customers entitled to register as a wholesale customer will see wholesale costs exempt GST.
  • Freight costs for eligible wholesale customers will no longer be added to your invoice.
  • A payments option allows customers to pay for the ordered goods using a credit card using PayPal as the gateway.
  • Where offered, bulk quantity buys with associated discounts are now possible.  
  • Specials are offered on selected goods for specific periods.
  • Wholesale customers may now order seasonal lines through the website.


All customers will require a login and password.  Retail customers (members of the general public) will not be recognised to receive wholesale pricing. Login will require an email address.

New customers may require ‘Admin’ approval prior to being able to use the site, shop etc. I am alerted by email to the registration of new customers and will address each new registration as quickly as possible. This should not be necessary with existing customers.


Pricing – As a wholesale customer, you will only see the online wholesale price, exempt of GST. You will be able to see the online RRP (Recommended Retail Price) so that you can calculate your line by line margins. The Supplier Allowance/Ullage Allowance will not be a separate line item, but will be included in the nett item cost. Retail customers will see the RRP (ex GST).

Grid and List Options – The quantity to be purchased can be entered in both grid and list formats. A nice feature is the ease the quantity can be changed simply by clicking the mouse in the quantity field the amount is automatically highlighted ready to be amended. Note the (boxes) icons immediately under the section heading – scroll the mouse across them to see the grid and list options.

Wish List – This new feature can be used by all customers as a list of regularly ordered products without having the search all sections for every order. The ‘heart’ icon next to the quantity field places the item into a list of favourites and accessible from the Headings bar.

Adding to Cart – Each time an item is added to your shopping cart a confirmation ‘pop-up’ with image will appear. You can add amend or delete at this point or choose to Go to Checkout, Continue Shopping etc. A count of your cart items appears on the top Heading bar towards the top right corner of the screen.

Shopping Cart – Another handy feature is the sorting of the shopping cart into the Item Code (Model Number) order regardless the order in which items are added. Quantities may be amended, products deleted at this point and in the checking out process.


The checkout process is very similar to most online sites, with options for delivery, billing etc. Wholesale approved customers will not see nor be charged freight. All line items will be at your cost excluding GST. In the checkout process, the GST is included in the total of the line item. The subtotal (after the list of products) is the amount excluding GST. The total GST will then appear after the Excluded Total, towards the bottom of the invoice.

Invoices – The online invoice is the one on which you will use to make payment. The online invoice does not have the RRP however the invoice that is sent to your nominated email address or when goods are delivered will also carry the Recommended Retail Price (RRP).

Payment Options – For Wholesale approved customers the payment options are those that you currently enjoy with only minor exceptions. I do reserve the right to change payment options should such arrangements not be strictly followed. Retail customers have credit card and PayPal options.

Direct Deposit – For Wholesale customers, this option is available to those who wish to take advantage of this method of payment. It also offered an alternative to the use of a credit card.

Checkout – Using a Credit Card/PayPal

Important – The gateway being used is one developed by PayPal. It is a means to provide a secure gateway to pay for the goods you have purchased. PayPal will not impose any charges on you. I pay all associated charges as part of my obligations for using their system.

You will notice in the checkout process that there are two options, PayPal and Credit Card. If the Credit Card option is selected you will need to complete the necessary card information. If you have a PayPal account and choose to use this option, appropriate login to your account will be necessary to complete the payment.

Credits – These will continue to apply where faulty goods have been detected or where there are other reasons for doing so. If payments are made online via credit card or PayPal, a refund is readily processed, usually with 24 hours. If payment is delayed, i.e. payment made on invoice etc., a refund will only be processed upon return of goods or the sighting of the goods in question.

Online Invoices – For Wholesale customers, you will be able to see your invoice for your online purchasers, the actual invoice will be provided to you when the delivery is made. The history of purchases is online and can provide an easy reference should it be needed.


The online site has many valuable and intuitive features. Progressively, there are regular enhancements being made as demands require those changes. The site is intuitive yet incorporating the necessary features and facilities of a modern website. Developed for the purposes of creating greater efficiencies for both customers and ourselves, orders placed online will be given priority over those that are received via other mediums.

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