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At dL Confectionery, we take great pleasure in offering an expansive selection of chocolate products and confectionery to our customers. As a reliable distributor and retailer, our staff strive to offer only quality items. Over time we have formed strong relationships with various local and global manufacturers so we have access to an assortment of goods available for sale.

One of our core beliefs is supporting Australian manufacturers. Their high quality products contribute directly to improved overall products we sell and we actively seek out Australian-made items whenever we can – our selection of brands reflect this dedication.

One of our most well-recognized brands, Darrell Lea has become an iconic Australian confectionery brand over its over 90-year history. We carry an assortment of their soft-eating liquorice products and chocolate-coated sweets!

Charlotte Piper chocolate products are another highly coveted offering in our online shop, known for being created using exquisite ingredients in small batch production methods and handmade in small amounts to bring luxurious indulgent delight. Their offerings range from bars, truffles and confectionery sweets.

Allens is another well-recognized Australian brand we carry, boasting more than 125 years of history and featuring iconic products like Sherbies, Snakes Alive! and Frogs. In addition to Allens products we also stock Cavendish & Harvey items as well as those from Byron Bay Confectionery Co, Lifesavers, Fyna Foods Chocolatier, Rocky Road Chocolate Company, Cooks Confectionery, Melbourne Rock Candy co, among many more!

At our commitment to offering only premium-grade products extends far beyond just our selection. We take great care in storing and transporting them at optimal conditions to preserve quality and freshness; and have in place rigorous quality control processes so our customers receive only superior items.

As part of our dedication to quality, we provide an assortment of products designed to satisfy different tastes and preferences. No matter if your sweet tooth needs satisfying or prefer savourier options – we have something suitable for every taste in our selection of chocolates, lollies, boiled sweets and other confectionery products.

At dL Confectionery, our mission is to offer customers only the highest-quality products and service. As we expand our product and brand selection regularly, be sure to visit often to see what new offerings have arrived.

dL Confectionery

We are a family owned business specialising in a wide variety of products and always preferring Australian made products. We support local manufacturers whenever we can. Our philosophy is simple – the best products at the best price. We pride ourselves as a customer focused business where we provide a personal service to all our customers. Our brand is our cornerstone of our business. It has grown from very humble beginnings to a significant part of our turnover and it continues to grow steadily. We are constantly adding to our range of products, sourcing products that are not commonplace or found in every supermarket.

We are very particular who is authorised to sell our products at the retail level thus protecting our name and brand and giving the retailer some exclusivity to our product range. Those businesses that support us are also steadily expending their range of our products and benefitting from the available margins we offer.

Recently we have taken another step in our development by adding large box quantity lines to our range. The take-up of this initiative has exceeded our expectation, further confirming our place in the wholesale confectionery market.

Charlotte Piper

Charlotte Piper is an adorable boutique fudge and chocolate brand hailing from Kerang in Rural Victoria. Spanning four generations, Charlotte Piper brings decades of food manufacturing expertise into each creation they craft with love and care – specializing in handmade fudge, chocolates, sweet temptations and delectable treats that delight their customers with unique flavours!

At dL Confectionery we are delighted to include Charlotte Piper amongst our confectionery offerings as they bring charm, delight, tradition, quality and family tradition into every bite of perfection each treat adds flavour while making every product unique cherished within our confectionery offerings.

Davies Chocolates

dL Confectionery is delighted to offer Davies Chocolate, founded by Sidney Davies in 1932 from his Paddington kitchen and famous for their handmade fondants, hard centres, jellies and gingers crafted using only premium chocolate.

While Sidney may no longer be with us today, his dedication towards crafting exquisite handmade chocolate remains and so do his original recipes that define Davies as an unforgettable brand cherished by connoisseurs of fine chocolate alike.

Cooks Confectionery

Cooks Confectionery, located on New South Wales South Coast and established since 1986, is renowned for their exquisite toffee nut brittles, sugar paste extrusion products and premium chocolate lines.

As one of dL Confectionerys’ special manufacturers we proudly feature Cooks Confectionery which stands out among their competition with exquisite toffee nut brittles, sugar paste extrusion products and premium chocolate lines – as well as their commitment to quality and consistency that has earned them international trust – thus adding an extra special touch of excellence you have been searching for into our confectionery offerings!

Rocky Road Chocolate Company

Rocky Road Chocolate Company, available through dL Confectionery, honors the timeless art of creating Rocky Road by hand – something no robot could replicate! For over 10 years they’ve been perfecting this skill in Melbourne; offering 19 varieties to satisfy nearly every palate.

What truly sets them apart is their unwavering dedication to using only 100% pure quality chocolate when crafting their gourmet Rocky Roads; whether that means Milk, Dark, White, Vegan or Sugar-Free options Rocky Road Chocolate Company provides delectable delights all alike.

Melbourne Rock Candy Company

dL Confectionery is delighted to offer The Melbourne Rock Candy Company, a family-run business founded in Kyabram Victoria since 1977 and crafting handmade boiled sweets with traditional antique retrofitted machinery since 1977. Their commitment to tradition shines through in their delicious confections made with love and care; each confectionery piece brings back memories and will take you on an enjoyable trip down memory lane!

As hard rock candy production has become a rare art form in Australia over recent years, The Melbourne Rock Candy Company stands as an embodiment of tradition – its wide selection of handmade sweets captures that flavour from yesteryear while testifies to the continued craftsmanship in confectionery craftsmanship over time!

Cavendish and Harvey

Cavendish & Harvey, offered by dL Confectionery, has been crafting delectable confections for more than four decades. Their commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of their creations; from selecting premium ingredients and adhering to stringent quality standards. Based in Kaltenkirchen, Germany and exporting 80% of its products worldwide.

Cavendish & Harvey specializes in confectionery creations with an irresistibly blissful experience for all who indulge in them, creating unforgettable moments of indulgent pleasure for all who sample these delectable delights. Their dedication to quality and flavour make them a go-to confectionery brand worldwide.

Darrell Lea

Darrell Lea, Australia’s beloved confectionery brand since 1927, continues its longstanding tradition of creating gourmet chocolates, fresh liquorice and delightful confectionery sold at dL Confectionery. Their commitment to quality and taste have cemented Darrell Lea as an enduring household name that will not disappoint!

Darrell Lea’s dedication to producing irresistible treats continues to delight generations of confectionery lovers, making Darrell Lea a much-loved addition to our selection of premium confections.

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