Short Dated Stock Policy

Short Dated Stock Policy

Purpose – This policy is designed to assist outlets to effectively rotate stock within the respective store so to minimise the possibility of having to deal with stock that may exceed its Best Before Date. 

Background – The policy has been developed to provide an equitable balance of Wholesaler and Retailer responsibilities. Of recent times claims have been made against the wholesaler suggesting that stock had been short dated when supplied. That situation is difficult to dispute without documentation first being supplied to the Retailer.

Application – Commencing immediately, all invoiced stock supplied will have on the invoice, a Best Before date (BB4) being month and year (e.g. 1222 – denoting December 2022). This information will assist us to more closely monitor the stock supplied and provides the retailer with a record for the goods received.

 As the Wholesaler, we will take a further step and monitor the invoices for the goods we receive.

Stock supplied outside a period of 6 weeks from the Best Before date will not be subject to this policy. Stock supplied between 4 and 6 weeks may be claimed under this policy, the present wording will then apply, viz –

Short Date Policy – If you do not sell these items by the expiry of the Best Before date, please advise me and upon the next visit, I will inspect, check my invoice details then credit the unsold stock to its full wholesale value. You may then retain that stock and sell for whatever you are able to receive for them.

 Depending on the product and taking into consideration its popularity and the stores recent purchases, stock will not be supplied where the Best Before date is less than 4 weeks.

It is not an offence to sell goods that have exceeded the Best Before date. Please refer to the definition by the NSW Food Authority. See separately on this website.

It is expected that all stock supplied will have been sold within that 6 week period. Retailers should monitor their sales and order accordingly. We supply in units to assist retailers to sell through stock with in this time and according to their sales volumes.

Seasonal Stock – This policy does not apply to seasonally specific goods – those marked, packaged, etc, where it belongs to a season as we know it, Christmas, Easter etc. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day normally have ordinary, everyday lines where the container, (bag etc) can be broken down and items sold separately.

Specials and/or Discounted Stock – This policy does not apply to discounted goods or stock placed on special. It has been given this classification for a reason generally for slow moving stock. Please ask should you have any concerns and we can provide you with this detail.

Effective from 1st February 2023.

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